Don Sutherland

Hi, you've reached my ever more simplified home page. Well this one does now have an image on the top. My last one was about as simplistic as you get, but I tired of it after 5 years or so and wanted something different. We'll see if I get around to doing anything this time.

This page has nothing to do with the actor Donald Sutherland and I am of no (known) relation to him. I just merely share his name. If you want information on him, try Google.


My Other Pages

Photo Gallery - My Photo Gallery.
Rafting - My whitewater rafting page.
Games - A couple javascript solitaire games I wrote many, many years ago, and yet they still seem to work.
Crib Sheets - Crib sheets written on various subjects. Evolution of what my Reference page below started off as.
Reference - Various development / sys admin references I wrote or found useful and copied.
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